• Auschwitz Studies 26

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The main article of this issue written by Aleksander Lasik is devoted to the matter of citizenship among the SS personnel  at KL Auschwitz in the years 1940-1945.


Andrzej Strzelecki - The initial deportation of Zagłębie Jews to KL Auschwitz as recorded in Nazi documents

Aleksander Lasik - The matter of citizenship among the SS personnel  at KL Auschwitz in the years 1940-1945.

Piotr Setkiewicz - The Kobiór subcamp (Aussenkommando Kobier) and Pszczyna forest Kommandos (Forstkommandos Pless)

Helena Kubica - Freudenthal subcamp

Helena Kubica - Lichtewerden subcamp

Adam Cyra - State Repatriation Office -Nutritional and Medical Centre in Oświęcim (1945-1948)

Beata Siwek-Ciupak - A contribution to the study of transports of Poles from KL Lublin/Majdanek to KL Auschwitz with particular attention to prisoners from the Lublin region

Bohdan Piętka - The fire brigade Kommando (Feuerwehrkommando) at KL Auschwitz

Łukasz Martyniak - Druckerei KL Auschwitz—a history of the camp's printing shop.

To reach a broader circle of readers Issue 26 of Zeszyty Oświęcimskie (Auschwitz Studies) has been translated into English for the first time. Auschwitz Studies, the main academic periodical issued by the Museum since 1957, features many significant articles on the history of KL Auschwitz and other extermination centers that had operated during  World War II. Issues 1 - 25 are available in a Polish and German language version. Subsequent editions of Auschwitz Studies will be published in Polish and English. At the same time, the periodical will not be issued in a German language version.

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