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This particularly noteworthy book contains three reports by escapers from Auschwitz concentration camp: the Pole Jerzy Tabeau, the Slovakian Jews Alfred Wetzler, Rudolf Vrba and Arnošt Rosin, and the Polish Jew Czesław Mordowicz. The escapers wrote their reports in 1943 and 1944 on the basis of their own experiences and observations.

Henryk Świebocki confirms, verifies, and supplements the information contained in the reports in 400 detailed footnotes. This makes the publication a valuable compendium of knowledge about Auschwitz concentration camp. This is the first publication anywhere in the world of the reports in their entirety (only fragments were published in Washington in 1944). The reports are prefaced by a comprehensive study by Henry Świebocki entitled: Auschwitz: Did the world know the truth about the camp during the war?

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