• My path to freedom. A memoir of a survivor of Auschwitz

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ISBN 9788385047414
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 A fascinating story of Polish political prisoner Karol Tendera (camp numer 100430), who was born in Cracow in 1921. Literally ripped out of his school desk to become a slave labourer in Germany, after escaping he was arrested and imprisoned first in the Auschwitz extermination camp, then transferred to a concentration camp on Czech territory.

Tendera's memoir presents the events connected to his war experiences. In chronological order, the book describes the gradual biological and emotional death of a young boy, who finally finds himself surrounded by the humane solidarity of friends.

Although almost 80 years have passed since losing his freedom, Karol Tendera describes in astonishingly visceral detail the events and the emotions during his journey through three different concentration camps.

Interspersed with poetry and personal photographs, Karol Tendera's memoir invites contemporary readers to reflect on the freedom of choice, facing and overcoming one's fears, the power of true friendship and the beauty of life despite dehumanisation.

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