• People of Good Will Henryk Świebocki

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'People of Good Will. Memorial Book of Residents of the Land of Oświęcim who Rendered Aid to the Prisoners of Auschwitz concentration camp' Aid for prisoners was one of the ways in which Poles fought against the German occupation regime during the Second World War. It took different forms, in different places. It had particular significance in the case of the prisoners of Auschwitz concetration camp, the largest and most horrific of the camps, a place, where Jews, Poles, Roma, Soviet POWs, and people of other ethnic backgrounds suffered and died.

The residents of the Land of Oświęcim did not stand aside and remain passive witnesses to the suffering and death of the prisoners. To a greater or lesser degree, they became involved in helping the prisoners, exposing themselves to tremendous dangers and, usually, putting their very lives at risk. It was necessary to carry out aid operations covertly. Aid to Auschwitz prisoners took various forms. It consisted above all in furnishing them with food, but also with medicine and bandages. In the winter, people attempted to get warm clothing and underwear to the prisoners. However, the help was not confined to the material sphere. It was equally important to make it easier for the prisoners to stay in touch with their families, usually by helping to deliver illicit correnspondence, but there were also cases in which arrangements were made for prisoners to have face-to-face meetings with their loved once.

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