• The little white house". A history of extermination in bunker II I. Bartosik, Ł. Martyniak

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A historical study of one of the first mass extermination facilities in Auschwitz: gas chamber, known as bunker II or „little white house".

Besides bunker I (so-called „little red house"), „little white house" is clearly identified with a place of the beginning of Jewish extermination in Auschwitz. For the mass murder, Germans converted a farmhouse belonging to evicted polish farmers of Brzezinka village into a gas chamber. This was plastered and painted white, therefore was called in the camp slang as „little white house". There could be murdered up to 1,000 people at once. It operated since July 1942 to May 1943 and was reopen during extermination of Hungarian Jews in mid 1944.

The building was destroyed in December 1944, and barracks that were used as an undressing room were dismantled. Only the foundation of bunker II survived, can be seen today on the grounds of former Birkenau camp.

This study contains a detailed description of „the little white house", as well as characterization of its surroundings, for example access roads, barracks-undressing room for the victims, and burning pits. Moreover, every historical commentary is suplemented with archival and contemporary photographs.

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